Sample Lesson Plan

Welcome to RhoadsScholar.comEXHIBIT 1: Blues Riffs

Using the pentatonic scale and the 12 Bar Blues, Randy spent some time getting me comfortable with Playing Rhythm and Lead Guitar. Randy and I would switch off. At first, we just used the A(minor) pentatonic scale. We moved it up and down the fret board to play in different keys. In the next chapter, Randy expanded my musical vocabulary from the Pentatonic Scale to a Blues Scale (which is where most of my lesson time was spent). The second chapter includes the majority of those lesson plans.

I was surprised that no one had ever covered this theory in a single, simple lesson plan. As you can imagine, discovering this for the first time and mastering the elements behind it begins to build confidence. Over the next several weeks, I continued to review this lesson plan, over and over. I put on a few records over the course of the week and jammed along.
This was my introduction — Rock and Roll 101. This was also quite enlightening for me at the time. Do you realize how many rock songs, recognizable riffs exist within this page of transcription? It covers everything from Chuck Berry through the music of the seventies. When Randy demonstrated this to me, I think he covered about 20 different songs within the span of this page.
I remember this lesson plan being one of the first we had covered. It kind of tied together a lot of different things I had memorized in the rock songs I had learned to date. This early lesson plan was part of the building blocks I would learn that became a foundation for me to learn how to improvise on the guitar. From there, we covered Blues Scales, Major Scales, Minor Scales, Chord Substituition, Triads, broken chords, right hand techniques and other advanced concepts. These are all included in the “E-book” I have created. I hope you enjoy it.


Robert LaFond Jr.