Online Lessons

Welcome to RhoadsScholar.comCOMING SOON … Over the course of the next several months, I will be working to develop “on-line” lesson plans to cover each of the 25 Exhibits I have included in my “E-book”. .
There were certain things Randy had covered with me (i.e. Right Hand Playing Techniques) that were not easily documented. I intent to review the content of each lesson plan, and, where appropriate, introduce other concepts that were covered during my year of study with Randy Rhoads. Stay tuned to this web site.
I will also include some prerequisite materials (beginning guitar instruction) in addition to the Lesson plan supplements.

Isn’t this the best drum kit you ever saw?

I think the title for this picture should be

“Wouldn’t it be Nice.”

I am hoping to get feedback from everyone that purchases my “E-book”. What else would you like to see?
Now that this first version is complete, I am going to work with my sons and provide some “on-line” instruction to accompany the contents of the “E-book”. Once that is complete, I will work on any corrections deemed necessary to the contents of the “E-book”. I would like to hear from each of you as you go through the materials. In addition to making any corrections, I recently discovered several more lesson plans which were not included in the original release. I will also include those lesson plans along with a couple of suprises in an update to the “E-book”. Stay tuned to I hope to establish an on-going dialog via the web in the near future. Please share your thoughts with me. I hope you enjoy the “E-book”. Stay tuned to the website.


Robert LaFond Jr.