Welcome to RhoadsScholar.comI have often wondered, “What could I do with my experience?“ I had the opportunity to study with Randy Rhoads during 1979.
There are many great books on studying the Style of Randy Rhoads. This book is not an attempt to replace those. The lesson notes I have included were collected from about a year of study at Musonia School of Music with Randy Rhoads.
I have decided to include the lesson plans as they were with a brief description of what each lesson plan covers.

In order to fully appreciate the lesson plans, you have to realize that they were written for me, representative of my guitar playing abilities at that time. I was 19 years old. I am hopeful that by adding some dialogue along with the lesson notes will make the experience of studying these more rewarding.

I did not want to circulate these notes by themselves. (I had done this once before, 24 years ago, shortly after Randy’s death). Before the Guitar Player article “Randy Rhoads Remembered” came out, I was contacted by Jake Hunter of Guitar Player magazine. I had the opportunity to meet with some of the staff there and gave them copies of this material. I was attending Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. Guitar Player magazine was based out of Cupertino, California (right next door).
I received several phone calls from Guitar Player magazine, originally thinking they were trying to sell subscriptions. I was pretty devastated about the news of Randy Rhoads. The last thing on my mind at that time was a subscription to Guitar Player Magazine. A friend of mine from southern California, Jim, called me and said that Guitar Player magazine was calling former students of Randy Rhoads for an upcoming article. Jim had taken over my job in the music store when I went off to college. Luckily for me, he knew how to track me down. By the time I contacted Guitar Player magazine, the article was complete and ready to go for the next issue. Jake Hunter discussed doing a follow-up article using the materials I left with him (which are the lesson plans I have included here). Unfortunately, that article did not materialize.

So now, 24 years later, with the advent of the Internet, it gives me great pleasure to release my “E-Book” which contains these lesson plans.